ATMs & Kiosks

An ATM at your facility can be a significant benefit to your employees, associates and customers with the added convenience and flexibility provided by on-site cash access. An on-site ATM eliminates the need and hassle of cashing employee checks while providing the option for cash access for those employees that desire a tangible form of payment or budgeting. Although electronic forms of payment have continued to grow, cash utilization has not declined and continues to be favored among many segments of the population that budget their expenses based on cash or prefer small purchases, concessions, donations, etc. in cash as opposed to debit or credit.

Our program provides a turnkey ATM placement in which we manage and coordinate the ATM, maintenance, cash loading, processing and monitoring while providing this valuable service and the opportunity to benefit from the revenue share based on activity.

We Offer:

  • Quality certified, ADA compliant, PCI compliant and EMV enabled ATMs
  • Access to more than 14 regional, national and international debit and credit networks
  • 364 day monitoring and service
  • Fixed and variable rate convenience fees depending on your strategy
  • Online reporting in addition to printed reports
  • No hassle