Micro Market

Micro-markets are an innovative vending solution that can provide your employees and visitors a wide variety of selection (food, beverages, non-food items). This self-service model makes it simple to enjoy whatever options you choose, any time of day. Expanding on traditional vending, alternatives are available alongside classic choices like bagged chips, candy bars, and chilled beverages.

Selection Variety

Here are just a few options available for this advanced concept:

  • Cereals, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches
  • Fresh salads and fruits
  • Sandwiches, subs, soups, and prepared quick meals
  • Popular beverages, sparkling drinks, and juices


Multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, can be accepted via self-checkout kiosks. Prevent loss of money, and reduce refund hassles. Your micro-market program can be easily managed through partnership with All Vend. Contact us today to discover how quickly and easily we can implement this beneficial solution.

Choose All Vend

All Vend can guide your micro-market program. Our service allows you to create and customize preferences to deliver a quality solution. Your workplace can be the site for a self-sufficient convenience store, tailored to your choices.